Respite Services
It’s important to get a break.
It’s important to get a break.

Children with developmental disabilities require plenty of one-on-one support. As a parent of these children, you may be home bound and unable to focus on much else.​ That’s where Respite comes in. ​These services allow you to find new energy, spend time with others, and cross things off on your task list. ​Respite care offers relief from everyday life ​and, simply, the ability to get stuff done.

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Home-Based Respite
Paid time off, in and out of the home.

Respite helps parents fund baby sitting and caretaking. Hamaspik has a team of carefully vetted caregivers so you can feel safe withthe choice for your child. A friend or family member can also be approved as a government-funded caregiver.

After School Programs
The fun begins after the bell rings.

With skills-based activities, free play, social interaction, and entertainment, After School is something children look forward to all day. After School is available 7 days a week, andit’s on even when school is off. Our many respite programs cater to different ages and development capabilities.

Weekend Respite
Take some time to recharge.

Since all our respite programs are open on the weekends, we reduce the stress of meeting new faces and learning newplaces–a win for everyone. From Shabbatons, Shabbos and Yom Tov events ,and Sunday programs, Hamaspik has parents covered--and members entertained.

Community Center
Someplace to go to, somewhere to be.

Meet the local destination that members can visit with their caregivers and Comhab workers. Our Community Center is fully stocked with toys and games, a resource library, and a community center.

Day Camp
The sleepaway experience–from home.

Hamaspik Day Camp is totally local–with the themes, cheers, pool time and exciting activities of a real sleepaway camp. An incredible program filled with learning and fun, along with a phenomenal camp staff, make this the real deal.

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