Financial Subsidies
Get the best possible future with financial support.
Financial Subsidies
Get the best possible future with financial support.

Having a child with special needs can easily put unwanted financial strain on your family. Hamaspik aims to make the numbers game a little easier with financial subsidies.

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E-Mods (Environmental Modifications)
Stay where you are–no matter what.

No one should ever have to leave their home because of a physical impairment. E-modsare constructive alterations to a home (like ramps, lifts, handrails, and much more) that help our clients get around with more safety or independence.

You’re in charge. We’re here for support.

If you’d like to manage your own OPWDD budget toward achieving goals, Self-Direction helps you make that choice. Learn if Self-Direction makes sense for you, get assistance in choosing where to allocate funds–whether toward community classes, memberships, self-hired care providers, home-related subsidies, services, and more.

FSS (Family Support Service Reimbursements)
Special needs need not break the bank.

Our family reimbursement program is there tohelp cover the many additional costs that come along with having a special needs child. FSS reimbursements include goods and services, emergency respite, and summer camp.

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