Skills Development
Let’s set goals–and crush them.
Let’s set goals–and crush them.

Hamaspik uses a person-centered approach to support individuals in learning new skills,achieving finesse, and experiencing life. We offer a variety of skills development programs that cater to the diverse needs ​of the individuals in our care.

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Comhab (Community Habilitation)
Meet personal goals with personalized attention.

Your Hamaspik Comhab mentor works with you on goal-based, one-on-one activities, improving scholastic, social, and life skills for increased independence. Whether you want to learn how to meet new people or how to cross the street by yourself, caregivers work with you and reward you for reaching milestones.

Achoseinu Academy
A lifetime of learning starts here.

Our students flourish, achieve personal readiness, and learn self-empowerment under the care of our attentive staff in a supportive environment. Exclusively for post-high school girls approved for OPWDD services, Achoseinu brings students together to learn from each other and gain skills in hands-on, engaging classes.

Camp Achoseinu
No one misses out on an amazing summer.

Camp Achoseinu is a special project that integrates with mainstream upstate sleepaway camps. This trailblazing program allows young women with special needs toget the same summer experience as other girls, gaining crucial life and social skills while having the time of their lives.

A community of care, built around you.

Dayhab is where post-high school clients grow, and flourish. A packed schedule offers a roster of skill-based activities to explore. Choose from shopping, baking, vocational practice, and more. By making learning fun, Dayhab is a place for individuals to bring out the best in themselves.

Community-Based Prevocational Services
Working on getting to work.

Prevocational Services is the bridge between Dayhab and employment, preparing capable individuals for real-life employment. It helps them put their best foot forward by developing the skills needed for their job of choice.

Behavioral Intervention
Learn skills to support your child’s emotional growth.

During Hamaspik’s short-term Behavioral Intervention program, parents and caregivers meet with a trained Behavioral Intervention specialist to learn life-altering behavioral techniques that will help them address the special emotional needs of their child.

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