NHTD Services
Get care where you’re comfortable.
NHTD Services
Get care where you’re comfortable.

The Nursing Home Transition & Diversion waiver helps individuals with disabilities and senior citizens live in their own communities–safely. Whether it means coming back home from a nursing home or avoiding going there altogether, Hamaspik is there for you.

Our services help you modify your home and receive hospital-grade care in your chosen community. Our staff will assess, plan, and support your stay-at-home needs. Throughout it all, you are the primary decision-maker, working in cooperation with providers to develop a plan. The result? Increased independence, greater community inclusion, and meaningful productive activities.

Start the journey to home.

Hamaspik’s knowledgeable service coordinators will secure the waiver you need, guide you through the Medicaid process, and help you procure the invaluable services and resources you may have not known were available.

Moving Assistance
All packed up and ready to go.

Hamaspik is there to ensure that your living environment is safe and viable for the high level of care you need. If your current home is not conducive to your needs, we provide professional packing and moving services for all your possessions and furniture.

Environmental & Vehicular Modifications
Stay where you are–no matter what.

No one should ever have to leave their home because of a physical impairment. Constructive alterations to a home or vehicle (like ramps, lifts, handrails and much more) help our clients get around with more safety or independence, allowing them to stay home.

Assistive Technology
High-tech equipment to equip you for living.

Receive durable, high-quality medical equipment and supplies that increase your independence, safety, and functional limitations within your home and community. Your Hamaspik service coordinator will helpyou get assistive equipment approved for funding.