For over 30 years, we’ve been empowering people with developmental disabilities to actualize their full potential.

Hamaspik is a non-profit human services agency that provides completely customized, person-centered services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families through Medicaid. That way, they can attain a higher quality of life and maximize their future. With comprehensive services, strategic planning, and a caring team of counselors, our clients are completely supported in every way. It’s what enables them to achieve great things.

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Our Mission:

Person First.

We believe that every person–with his or her abilities and disabilities–is unique. At Hamaspik, we give our clients the power to choose, so that they control their futures and advance toward self-actualization.

By putting people before disabilities, embracing them as they are, and nurturing their abilities, we can make a difference in their everyday lives– both for now, and their futures .

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Hamaspik serves eligible individuals throughout Kings County.