NYSHA - New York State Hamaspik Association
Hamaspik headquarters in Rockland County  
Hamaspik headquarters in Rockland County
Service Coordination (MSC)

The service coordinator is an individual's advocate, assisting the person with disabilities as the individualized plans and making choices in daily living activities. The advocate knows the person with disabilities well and acts or speaks on behalf of the person when there are some limitations. The advocate enables the individual to be "on his own" as much as possible but when needed, becomes the voice for the person with disabilities.

The advocate speaks for the consumer to seek out all prescribed services. Our trained advocates will not take "no" for an answer. the advocate follows through on all components of the individual's service plan and keeps the family informed every step of the way.

The service coordinator also assures that detailed information on each person is documented and updated according to the latest progress of the individual. Within the sphere of influence and knowledge of the service coordinator are: providing information on special government rights and subsidies for the person with disabilities; coordinating the medical needs of the individual served; communicating with the school, day program or workplace; representing the individual at any pertinent meetings that chart progress or make future plans; obtaining special therapeutic equipment; and developing linkage and referral to any government, social and human service agencies that are community providers.

For the most independent persons with disabilities, the advocate plays a role in helping the person attain the goal of self-advocacy.

As in all Hamaspik programs, an individualized approach is practiced to meet the unique needs of each and every person receiving service.