Our Mission | Hamaspik of Kings County

Our Mission


Hamaspik empowers people to achieve their fullest potential, advance their health and wellness, and live a self-directed, productive life while integrated within the community.


  • Hamaspik is committed to provide high quality service and support to all individuals in need.
  • Individuals with disabilities have strengths, skills and capabilities. We are committed to recognize, build and enhance them to the utmost.
  • Hamaspik is committed to meet the specific needs of each individual, and to develop their physical, intellectual, and social potential to function and participate in society.
  • Persons served are respected and valued and are treated with dignity and compassion.
  • Individuals’ privacy and confidentiality is Hamaspik’s priority and will never be breached or compromised.
  • Services provided are measured by the satisfaction of the person being served.
  • Hamaspik respects each individual’s cultural and religious preferences.
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